Statement of Intent

Title of drama: DNA


  • Mark
  • Jan
  • Leah
  • Phil
  • John Tate
  • Danny (Me)
  • Richard
  • Cathy
  • Brian

Intentions: My character Danny is alert, posh, selfish and tempered therefore I intend to use my body in a way that my character does. This will be shown in the way i use time, tension, situation, mood, focus, symbol and sound. To become a character like Danny I believe it is vital to emotionally connect to the character as it puts you in the characters shoes and situation, It also brings the character life and makes him more believable. I intend to try my best to capture the true essence of Danny’s personality and traits, and to create the relationships between the other characters realistic. The drama is meant to display fear, tension,  sadness, anger, frustration and other emotions. I plan to grip the audience attention I aim to do this when I’m fully emotionally connected to my character Danny.

Stage/Setting: Our group used levels, posture and use of space to give our stage more visual interest, the stage is set up with two boxes in the middle as our entrance and two other boxes on the side in which let our characters communicate our roles better.We used elements, conventions and he use of technology to give a real feel of the character the reason for us using these. Personally I thought our placement of our characters were awesome and I’m glad that we as a group were able to communicate the roles of each character.










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