Drama Level One – Devise and perform

Title of drama: Perfection

Style of drama: Devised (invent, design or frame)

List of characters:
Zeus (Me)

Our characters didn’t have any names as we didn’t decide on the names because we wanted to finish and prefect our performance.

list of scenes (In order)

1. Disease
2. Addiction
3. Brainwashed
4. Disorder
5. By Stander

Statement of intent

Our group chose to focused on body image, the intent was to express the different angles of this issue. We had chopped our performance into five different scenes but made sure the transactions were clean also making sure it related to body image. We introduced each scene with a brief monologue and ended it with what that particular scene was about, for example my scene was about addiction so I would have said “I just want everyone to know that I am not my addiction” at the end. The overall performance was for the audience to see the different aspects of body image in each scene which captured the audiences attention.

We were able to show time, tension, situation, mood, focus, symbol and sound in our drama we performed. We use these to tell and perform a unique performance, we tried using each element in all five scene’s if it didn’t fit or didn’t seem right we would start from the beginning of that scene and go through it as a group so that everyone had input in what elements to use and not to use. The elements we used in each scene helped show the other sides to body image.


Freeze frame – We used freeze frame to capture the attention of audience and the essence of the scene Brainwashed. It was used because it drew the audiences attention when it was needed.

Split screen – Split screen was also used in the scene Brain washed to show that Kyal, Geena and Caitlyn are watching T.V and Me and Aqullia were the T.V host and client. This made everyone have a even part to play but without steeling the limelight off Kyal

Spoken thought- Spoken thought was used to tell the thoughts of Carla and I, it showed that I had became addicted to pills it also created tension with eventually came to a climax which caught the attention of the audience.

Monologue – the monologue is brief introduction to each character and explains the struggle they have had with there body.

Movement – movement was used in Disorder to show a different angle on body image her post that she posted was when we ran up to her and started yelling positive and negatives things this make the scene more creative


Our group used levels, posture and use of space to give our stage more visual interest which let our characters communicate our roles better.We did discuss about placement and where props should go, originally we were meant to be all sitting in each scene but realize that it made the performance boring and lack of  visual interest which is the reason why we used levels, posture and space. We didn’t  discuss or use any technology in our performance but we were recorded. Personally I thought our placement of our characters and props were awesome and I’m glad that we as a group were able to communicate the roles of each scene.



Geena’s scene introduces our issue/topic with a monologue which we all do. This particular scene is where Geena has had diabetes for majority of her life. She is in a world where people crave to be her size, shape and weight. When she walks to the end of the beach and pauses we say “wow so fat” this showed that we wanted to be like her.


I was a gym freak who had become addicted to working out, eating healthy and caring for his body but suddenly became addict to pills that made you lose weight faster. He was drowning in his own thoughts and was losing his mind and loved ones, this was one way we showed body image. His addiction got the better of him and all he had in the end was the pills which started the addiction.


Kyal is fascinated and easily persuaded into buying items that pop up on TV. He begins to shut people out of his life to sacrifice all of the items hes brought ,he does this to change how his body looks to make him more popular and attractive. He loses all of his friends and becomes lonely.


Caitlyn suffers from a eating disorder so she decides to make a Instagram account promoting her disorder. Some people love her others don’t, she gains a lot of attention from people but it becomes to much for Caitlyn and she realizes that she isn’t healthy for others so she deactivates her account.

By Stander

Aqiulla monologue summaries our scenes making us realize that we don’t need to be skinny, to take pills, or to lose ourselves in buying meaningless products and that we should love ourselves the way we are.




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