In the story How many people live in your house? by Peggy Dunlop a Samoan family faces adversity. The Samoan family has dealt with jugdement by their neighbour. Their neighbour is curious because she has never seen such a large family before and starts to spy on them. The family have been in New Zealand for 30 years and are still being judged because of their cultural difference. For example, aiga, in Samoa aiga means family and in Samoan culture family are always together and sharing everything. They also can include cousins and neighbours making the family in the story a much larger family than the New Zealand European families they are surrounded with. The narrator explains how she is used to sharing and always being together and hardly goes out to visit friends or other places, but once her mother let her go to a friend’s she was surprised of how spacious her room was. Years later when she finally got her own room she felt alone and lost without her family. The neighbour and others makes the family feel like they don’t belong, like when the teacher asked, “Another one?” This makes them embarrassed and worried. They feel as if this teacher does not want to teach yet another person from their family. The narrator begins to differentiate between cousins, brothers and sisters. The parents feel concern for their children and for their future. Auckland has a variety of different cultures, although different all cultures can be similar to each other and value family. The author’s intention is to show that it is important to not judge other peoples’ cultural values and difference.


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